About Us

About Us

John T. Cleveland (Lead) has been playing various board games since his youth and has specifically sought to create opportunities for the exploration of game mechanics and to find different ways to game throughout his life. After one look through a megagame handbook, he knew he wanted to explore the mix of complex human strategy and social dynamics presented in the megagame format.

John has helped guide the way for WCM in setting a high standard for our games and the experiences we host for our participants: we are committed to taking the many great rule sets from the MegaGame Makers and producing events that will appeal to a wide audience on the US west coast. This inspiration began with Sengoku in January 2015, and we’ve been chipping away at the task ever since.

Leslie Loy (Outreach Coordinator) has been playing games for longer than she can remember. She spends many hours contemplating existential quandaries while community organizing, writing, and figuring out what she’s supposed to do next; she enjoys helping to promote our games to anyone willing and unwilling to pay attention.

Benjamin Weiner (Developer) works at a bookstore in Portland, Oregon and began his introduction to megagame when he was the Daimyo of the Miyoshi clan in Sengoku in January 2015.

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Our History

West Coast MegaGames is a volunteer company interested in designing large format social strategy gaming events and producing them across the West Coast of the United States.

We started as “Sacramento MegaGames” and produced our first megagame event on January 3, 2015. 58 players were able to experience 3 years of the Sengoku-Jidai and attempt to unify Japan. It was a bloody 6-hours.

We are now taking the experience gained from that event and looking to the future as we aim to expand our operation and improve the megagame experience, we hope others will join us for games in the future!

Originally founded as Sacramento MegaGames, we’ve since expanded our coverage area in the hopes of bringing megagames to communities–both familiar and unfamiliar with board and simulation games–up and down the US West Coast.

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Our History