About Us

John T. Cleveland (left) and Ben Weiner (in far rear) with players running a demo game before our first megagame.

Our History

West Coast MegaGames is an event series produced by Axiom Productions in order to bring the fun and intrigue of megagames to the West Coast. Sengoku 1 was hosted on January 4, 2015 and was our first foray into independently producing our own events in the US.

Originally founded as Sacramento MegaGames, we’ve since expanded our coverage area in the hopes of bringing megagames to communities–both familiar and unfamiliar with board and simulation games–up and down the US West Coast.

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Our Partners

Axiom Productions is an event support company in the Sacramento area that specializes in live event sound, photography, videography and editing. Currently Axiom is managed by its co-founder and Director, John T. Cleveland.

Boardgamegiveaway01BoardGameGiveaway.com is a unique site that creates community by connecting businesses, websites and game developers with potential leads, followers and customers, while providing a fun and interesting experience for gamers, new gamers and future gamers.

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Our Sponsors

WeStrive.orgWest Coast Megagames shares WeStrive’s mission to lead communities toward more dynamic and effective social action. WeStrive achieves this through the provision of a social networking platform, economic association, and additional educational opportunities that aim to help people discover new capacities and seek to make new connections within their local and global communities. >>Check-out westrive.org

About Our Team

John T. Cleveland (Director) has been playing various board games since his youth and has specifically sought to create opportunities for the exploration of game mechanics and different ways to game throughout his life. After one look through a Megagame Handbook he knew he wanted to explore the mix of complex human strategy and social dynamics presented in the Megagame format. We are committed to taking the many great rule sets from the MegaGame Makers and producing events that will appeal to a wide audience here on the west coast starting with “Sengoku.”

Leslie Loy (Promoter) has been playing games for longer than she can remember. She spends many hours contemplating existential quandaries while person-raising, writing, organizing events, and figuring out what she’s supposed to do next; she’s enjoyed helping promote Sengoku to anyone willing and unwilling to pay attention.

Benjamin Weiner (Developer) works at a bookstore in San Francisco and was Daimyo of the Miyoshi clan in Sengoku 1.

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