Megagame: Sengoku 2.5!

10915049_851451874900505_8996136415133470091_oExperience the megagame of power and politics in old Japan: Sengoku 2.5!

Sengoku is a megagame that’s all about political intrigue and military activity during the Japanese Sengoku-era (in the case of this game, roughly speaking the second half of the 16th Century), a time of great military and social upheaval – an era ideal for a megagame.

The Sengoku Jidai (age of warring states) was a seminal period of strife and internecine warfare that consumed the islands of Japan from 1467 to 1615. This was an age of land-grabbing lords, incessant conflict, power-play, and betrayal. Entire clans could evaporate overnight, and peasants could raise themselves up to command thousands. The icons of the age conjure vivid imagery: massive samurai armies dueling for honor and supremacy on countless battlefields, warrior monks practicing ancient martial arts atop mountain fortresses, and the shadowy ninja climbing castle walls in the dead of night.

Prior to this tumultuous era, Japan had been ruled by two men: the Emperor, divine head of state, and the Shogun, military dictator of Japan. The Emperor ruled through the Shogun, and the Shogun ruled through the Bakufu, the Shogunate’s civil service. Regional control of Japan’s provinces fell to the Daimyo, autonomous lords who owed their allegiance to the Shogun and the Emperor.

The Sengoku Jidai began with the Onin War, a conflict in 1467 between the Yamana and Hosokawa clans that quickly spiraled into all-out civil war. Chaos consumed the country, as well as any semblance of authority that the deteriorating Shogunate once held. Now the year is 1550, and the current Shogun, 16-year-old Ashikaga Yoshiteru, is an inexperienced child with no real authority, leaving the Bakufu effectively leaderless and without an heir apparent. To make matters worse, the Emperor, having withdrawn into his palace, ignores most political and military matters and has become more of a figurehead than an actual leader.

He who becomes Shogun controls Japan in its entirety, and the position is now effectively open to any Daimyo who could gain the Emperor’s favor and oust the incompetent and inexperienced Ashikaga. The current climate is tense; Japan at this time is a country where adherence to social structure and honorable behavior is everything, but also where duplicity and double-crossing is part of the political norm. It is at this time, when the future is anything but certain, that we begin our game.

How it works.10835092_832985370080489_3625914691206344008_o

Players will become members of a Samurai Clan, a temple of Warrior Monks, a Ninja Guild, or the Bakufu (the Shogun’s officials). From there, the teams will lead their warriors into ferocious battles, test their wits in diplomacy, and learn to live in an era where power, intrigue, protocol, and duplicity reign! Join us for the beauty and chaos of Sengoku-Era Japan.

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