Andrew G. (about Sengoku)

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Travel back in time and become a feudal warlord! Play as either a warlord, diplomat, city planner or daimyo in a struggle for glory during Japan’s sengoku era! Work with a team of 4 others and become anything from a cultural paragon, an ruthless expansionist empire, or even the emperor of Japan! A unique, once in a lifetime all-day challenge!

Ben G. (about megagames)

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It’s an epic, intense, and immersive non-digital gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Christiana Q. (about Sengoku)

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The materials were beautiful and easy to work with. You are to be congratulated for birthing this experience for the first time here on the West Coast. It occurred in such a way that people experienced the potential. A baseline has been established – for you and for anyone else who might attempt it.

It was 6 hours of living into an imagination with 50 other people. We created a world and then we romped about in it. [It was] imaginative playtime for adults.

Corey B. (about Sengoku)

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The chaos that ensued after I was assassinated as daimyo while our only heir was held hostage by the Bakufu. Amazing unpredictable stories that made our game so incredible.

Sean J. (about megagames)

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A megagame is a large group of geeks politely stabbing each other in the back.


15 alley cats chasing 3 invisible mice in a room full of rocking chairs.

Giancarlo G. (about Sengoku)

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Uniquely (and chaotically) fun simulation of Feudal Japan.