Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Are you interested in being part of the team?

We’re constantly looking for more people to join our team and to lend their expertise and time to organizing, promoting, and hosting megagames on the US West Coast.

It takes many hands to make a megagame happen, and as such WCM relies on the goodwill and commitment of a large group of volunteers for each game. Most of our volunteers participate as Control — helping to facilitate the game dynamics that enable the flow to go as smoothly as possible.

How would you like to volunteer?

Volunteer as control and get free registration in our appreciation program. Are you someone who likes to play games, or is interested in playing games? We need controllers!

To show appreciation for our volunteers, we offer an appreciation program: for every three games (which includes a minimum of 15 hours each in preparation time and an additional attendance to the all-day event) that someone volunteers for, they receive a free registration to a future megagame.

Join our Control team.

We need volunteers in other areas, too — from spreading the word in the weeks leading up to an event to helping on the day of our events with registration and set-up and take-down. How would you like to contribute? What skills do you have to offer to help us continue our work?

Do you like networking or sharing information with people about events or special opportunities?

Join our Street team.

Want to know what other roles we have that need to be filled?

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How would you like to volunteer?